10 Best 2000-Watt Generators: In-Detail Reviews (Fall 2022)

What can a 2,000-watt generator power?

Recreational uses: Because the best 2000-watt generators are generally small in dimensions and are very lightweight, they are a good choice for people who need power for their yachts, RVs, yachts, etc.

Emergency uses: During times of emergency or disaster, a 2,000-watt generator can keep your TV, phones, and other essential gadgets powered to stay aloof of information.

Features to consider when choosing a generator

Often, choosing your generator will involve making trade-offs between weight, power, and ease of use. For example, if a product is just a little heavier than another, but also more powerful and easier to handle, the duel of portability then wins. Here are the criteria that we used in our analysis, and which you may also find useful:

Type: Conventional vs. inverter

Inverter or converter? You cannot supply voltage-sensitive devices with power with a converter generator such as the Sportsman GEN2000. Fluctuations in voltage can damage or even destroy devices such as cell phones, PCs, or laptops. For these devices, inverters such as the WEN 56203i and the Champion 100692 are the better choice, but they are usually significantly more expensive.

Peak and rated watts

The peak and rated power are expressed in watts or kW for gasoline models. Manufacturers often focus on maximum/peak power, but it’s the installed (or rated) output power that is important.

Power can also be expressed in kVA (but it is much more often listed in watts on data sheets). Electric generators store electricity. The “stored quantity” is expressed in mAh (milliampere-hours). As for the watt-hour (Wh), it is a measure of energy. Here, there is no secret: the higher the values, the better! For example, the Pulsar G2319N has the highest power output (1,800 watts continuous power) of all the products reviewed.

Fuel tank and runtime

The size of the tank is probably one of the most important buying considerations you must consider. It’s the functionality that determines if your device can function.

Emphasis on the term. It’s really a good idea. Like for example, if you think you just need to, you might want to consider something with a tank capable of performing seven or 10 hours. Better to be safe than sorry! The runtime of electric generators is “until exhaustion”, directly linked to the quantity stored (in mAh).

The runtime of gasoline generators depends, among other things, on the size of the fuel tank. It is expressed in hours at X%, where X% represents the power delivered compared to the power available. Most models last 10 hours at 20%.


Ask what are the available sockets on the frame. It may seem obvious, but don’t forget to make sure that the connection is right for you: are there enough USB or USB Type-C ports, and regular sockets? If necessary, check if the voltage can be changed via a switch.

Noise level

10 Best 2,000-watt Generators – Your Most Portable Power Solution (Fall 2022)

Most generators will operate between 45 and 70 dB. They can be equivalent to the noise from a suburb to a series of conversations in a restaurant. These generators are not as loud and disturbing as you might think.

When you buy an inverter generator, it will produce lower noise than most traditional generators which are found in recreational vehicles.

Dimensions and weight

Electric generators are very light, have a handle, and easy to carry wherever you want. For gasoline generators, the more powerful they are, the heavier the weight and the larger the dimensions. You have to look for the best power-to-weight ratio. Mobility can be facilitated by wheels or a handle. However, most inverter generators don’t have weight or dimension issues. They weigh between 35 to 55 pounds and are compactly built for ease of storage.


This is not just an off-the-shelf purchase; warranties are the saving grace everyone needs if you have to face unexpected problems. No assembly or manufacturing is foolproof. There may be small margins of error which a good warranty coverage can cover. A good warranty for these types of generators should exceed the 1 year we’ve seen in most models.


The price is directly related to power, so 2,000-watt generators are typically priced between $200 and $400. Gasoline models range from $450 (very cheap) to $1,500 (high-end for individuals), and even much more for professional types.

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