9 Best 7500-Watt Generators Reviewed in Detail (Fall 2022)

A 7500-watt generator: What can it power?

7,500 watts sounds like a small amount of energy to power up a house, but it is more than enough and is considered to be one of the best whole house generator options. The best thing about a 7,500-watt generator is that it isn’t too big, compact in size, affordable, and portable. You can take it with you on camping trips or power your RV using the generator.

It can cover all the essentials like keeping your house warm during the winters and cool during the summers. It can help you cook food and avoid it from getting spoiled. If you use well water to flush toilets, the generator will power that as well.

The generator can fuel a water heater, refrigerator, freezer, lights, air conditioner, microwave and oven along with delicate appliances like hair dryer, toaster, and coffee maker, but if you need even a more powerful model our advice is to check out the 10,000-Watt generators, on the contrary, if you rather search for something less powerful, then we’d advise you to look at 6,500-Watt generators.

Important features to consider while choosing a 7500-watt generator

Any 7,500-watt generator you want should have certain features that make it efficient and durable. It should meet your requirements and legal regulations, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of replacing it with another model later. Here are nine important features you should consider while buying a 7,500-watt generator:

Generator type

You can choose between conventional and inverter generators, which are quieter than the former. You can change the load and turn down the noise further. However, they are more expensive. A good example of a powerful inverter generator on this list is the Honda EU7000iS.

There’s one more choice you have to make – single fuel and dual fuel. As expected, dual fuel generators are usually more expensive, but they are a preferred choice because some models allow you to switch between fuels. An exception here is the Pulsar PG7750B, which is more than fairly priced for a dual-fuel model.

A dual-fuel generator is more convenient when you are in the middle of a storm, and the fuel you use isn’t available. You can use the second one and keep electricity flowing into your house.

Rated and maximum power output

The higher the maximum power output, the more appliances and tools your generator can start simultaneously. Remember that some tools and appliances have much starting wattage much higher than running. However, buying a generator with a high rated and maximum power output won’t be of any use if it has a short runtime.

Reliable engine

Look for a generator with not only powerful, but a reliable and fuel-efficient engine. It must be protected from extreme weather conditions with stainless steel or powder coated cast iron sleeve. The engine is the core of your generator, so clean it regularly even when not in use.

9 Best 7,500-watt Generators – Reviews and Buying Guide (Fall 2022)
Fuel tank capacity and runtime

The logic is simple – buy a generator that runs the longest by using the least amount of fuel. Ideally, it should have a runtime of nine hours, so you can sleep throughout the night without having to wake up at dawn to refill the tank. The Honda EU7000iS has a runtime of 18 hours at 25 percent load and consumes only 5.1 gallons of fuel. Pulsar PG7750B is another wonderful model with 13-hour runtime at 50 percent load and consumes 6.6 gallons of fuel.

Available outlets

On average, every 7,500-watt generator should have at least five outlets so that you can run four big appliances or equipment at once. The Firman Power Dual Fuel Generator 7500 Running Watts, which has five outlets, whereas Cat RP7500E has six outlets.

Starting system

We live in a modern era, so there’s no need to pull a recoil system and hurt our backs while starting the generator. All models mentioned on our list have an electric start with a recoil backup. The Westinghouse WGen7500 even comes with remote control, so you don’t even need to touch the generator to switch it on.

Noise level

The lower the noise level, the more peaceful you and your family will sleep during the night. The most silent generator on our list is the Honda EU7000iS. It produces only 52 dB(A) of noise at 25 percent load. It sounds similar to two people whispering with each other. If you don’t have too many appliances to run, this generator by Honda is an amazing choice. It is expensive but will last you for an entire lifetime. If you are interested in buying another model, stick to generators that make no more than 75 dB(A) of noise. You might also want to check Sportsman generators to find quieter models.

Size, weight, and portability

If you’re going to use your generator only occasionally to power your house during an outage, portability probably won’t make the top of your list of important generator features. However, if you’re going to take your generator with you on a trip, power your RV etc., the size and weight are a thing to consider.
9 Best 7,500-watt Generators – Reviews and Buying Guide (Fall 2022)


Generators are a huge investment, so you have to make sure that you receive the best product and service for the price you pay. You should look for a generator that offers at least three years of warranty. Top picks from our list with three years include Westinghouse WGen7500, Champion Power Equipment 7500-Watt Dual Fuel Portable Generator, Cat RP7500E, Briggs & Stratton 30664 8000W Generator, and Honda EU7000iS with the congest commercial warranty we’ve seen.

Warranty is crucial because especially if you stay in a state or area frequented by storms and power outage. If some problem occurs, the brand technicians will come and repair it. Before a storm or hurricane, ask the technicians to give it service, so you are all prepared for any natural disturbances.

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