3 Best Diesel Generators (Fall 2022) – Reviews & Buying Guide

Pros and cons of diesel generators

There is very low maintenance cost associated with the use of the diesel generators. This is due to the fact that the diesel generators lack the presence of spark plugs and carburetors. This means no spark plugs to replace as well as no carburetors to rebuild. The major maintenance required for the diesel generator is the oil change and if done regularly will make your diesel generator last very long without any major maintenance being required.

It is also observed with diesel generators that they tend to outlast the gasoline generators when performing the same amount of work. They do the same workload and do not burn as much fuel as the gas generators. The fuel itself is also lower priced when compared to gasoline and propane fuel.

In terms of a lifetime, the diesel generator is much longer lasting than the gasoline generator. The typical gasoline generator will last approximately 1000 hours if that much. However, the diesel generator will last 30,000 hours on average without requiring a major overhauling. The diesel generator is built to withstand pressure and run at half the speed of the gasoline generators that are built mainly for intermittent usage.

Diesel and Gasoline Generators Comparison

Diesel fuel is also much better to store than gasoline. It is flammable, but it is not as great a risk as gasoline can be explosive. The exhaust of the diesel engine is, in fact, more visible, and this is considered one of the major downfalls of diesel as a fuel. However, if the diesel generator is properly maintained, there will be no need to be concerned as the exhaust will be minimally visible only when the generator is pressured under load changes that are severe.

Diesel can be very noisy, and this is considered to be a great downfall of the diesel system. This is usually one of the reasons homeowners tend to opt for gasoline generators. The gasoline generator is much less noisy than the diesel generator, and therefore there is no need for the generator to be placed far away from houses. There are other options available now such as soundproof enclosures that can assist with this issue.

Another consideration is the initial costs involved in setting up the diesel generator. This is usually quite a bit higher than the gasoline generator. It can be seen however that the diesel generator costs, when compared over a few years, is much less than the gasoline generator.

The choice of whether to opt for a diesel or gasoline generator can be assessed in terms of usage. If the generator is to be for intermittent use, a gasoline generator may not be a bad purchase, but overall it is considered that the diesel generator is more economical. The pros of the diesel generator by far outweigh the cons making it the better buy.

What to look for in an ideal diesel generator?

As we mentioned above, the major features of diesel generators are pretty much the same as other generator types. Let’s discuss them in more detail.

Powerful Engine

3 Best Diesel Generators – Reviews and Buying Guide (Fall 2022)

The power of the engine of any diesel generator is to be noted because of the amount of load the engine can carry depends solely on the power generated in the engine. In most cases where a particular diesel engine generates less power than required, it becomes so frustrating for the user and may lead to damage to the diesel generator.  A four-cycle engine is the best to consider because it allows smooth operation in diesel generators.

Output power and fuel consumption

The output power refers to the amount of power that can be supplied to the electrical appliances connected to the diesel generator. The higher the output power, the more electrical machines or appliances can be used with the diesel generator. The output power is measured in Watts, and this makes it easily noticeable in the product descriptions of diesel generators. The fuel consumption of diesel generators differs from manufacturer to manufacturer making calculating a standard measurement difficult, but in general, fuel consumption of diesel generators determines the rate at which diesel is used during machine operation. The higher the load on a particular diesel generator, the higher the rate of fuel consumption as very little load does not take too much fuel. The fuel injection system into the engine goes a long way in determining the level of fuel consumption of a diesel generator.

Quiet work

Many consumers cherish the noiseless feature in a diesel generator, and this makes it necessary in some way for diesel generators to be as quiet as possible during operation. Some diesel generators come with a soundproof feature thanks to a noiseless muffler system that enables little or no noise at all during operation. Example of such a generator that has a quiet work operation like this is the DuroStar DS7000Q diesel generator.

Safety for delicate electronics


In power generators like the diesel generators, reduction in peak currents, heat, emissions and core loss in motors is very important to the lifespan of diesel generators. To achieve this, a THD value is given to diesel generators after rigorous testing and measurements. So, for a diesel generator, a lower THD means more safety for delicate electronics. A THD of less than 5% is best for diesel generators, and the likes of the DuroStar DS7000Q, GENERAC 6864, SIGMA 7000W have very low THDs.


The size of a diesel generator varies depending on the structure of the generator and the manufacturer. Know how much space you have before getting a diesel generator so as not to have any issues with space. The DuroStar DS7000Q and SIGMA 7000W take more space compared to the Generac 6864.


The warranty of products depends on the manufacturer. Warranty allows you to return a certain good back to where you purchased it from if it develops any fault within the warranty period. Warranty could go for as long as a year or even more in some cases.

Extra features

The extra features in a diesel generator are the special stuff included in the diesel generator by the manufacturer. The SIGMA 7000W comes with extra feature which includes: durability, fully welded 1 1/4″ steel frame, electric starting with battery. The DuroStar DS7000Q comes with an extra feature which includes: remote start and/or electric start, oil alert automatic shutdown, volt meter, circuit breakers, low fuel indicator. The Generac 6864 comes with an extra feature which includes:  durability and a fully welded 1-1/4″ steel frame.

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