7 Best Inverter Generators (Fall 2022) – Reviews & Buying Guide

What are the benefits of having an inverter generator?

Inverter generators have numerous unique benefits, which make them more preferable to regular generators in some cases. One of the primary benefits is quiet operation. These generators operate a lot more quietly than traditional generators. Generally, inverter generators operate at volumes somewhere between volumes of a library and an average conversation, making them suitable for office use and camping.

Also, inverter generators usually have a portable design. Apart from being compact in size, they also come with a fundamentally compact profile. With this, you can easily transport them a lot more easily than other traditional generators, which make them ideal for camping, leisure activities, and construction sites.

Furthermore, inverter generators are very fuel-efficient, thanks to the fact that they can operate at lower RPMS when there are lower energy demands. Conventional generators, on the other hand, usually operate at 3,500 RPMS no matter the energy really used.


What to look for in an ideal inverter generator?

In order to determine the right inverter generator for your needs, we will first take a look at the different factors you need to consider before opting for a particular model. As this revolves around electric current and power, it is important to have ample space and a safe environment for the generator to perform well and with no causes for unwanted accidents.


Manufacturers categorize inverter generators as either small, medium, or compact models. A compact inverter generator can power only a small home appliance such as a toaster while a small model can run two appliances simultaneously. Medium inverter generators are capable of running several appliances and handle multiple electronic loads as well. If you require more power, you will want a large motor. In this case, an entire home generator or a standby model may be ideal for you.

Output power

The generator’s overall size is going to directly affect the measure of power that it generates. The larger the generator the more power it will be able to deliver, and they vary from compact to medium, with a power of more than 2000 watts, sufficient to run an RV AC and more simultaneously. Compact models will give you 800 watts at least, sufficient to run a few small appliances at the same time. Thus, go for something that suits your size and needs.

Quiet operation

Quiet operation

Although inverter generators are considerably quieter than traditional generators, there are still some variations from model to model. Therefore, it’s vital to check the inverter generator’s noise rating on your list. While that may not necessarily be a decisive factor, it is definitely worth keeping in mind. For portable inverter generators, their noise is measured in decibel (dB). And for an inverter generator, anything more than 60 dB at half-load for is higher than average.

Safety for delicate electronics

It’s also important to ensure the inverter generator is safe for sensitive electronics. Delicate equipment, like tablets, television sets, mobile phones, and laptops, don’t handle fluctuations really well. So, adding an inverter eliminates fluctuations to deliver a pure sine wave output.


Sometimes, you may be looking for an inverter generator that can be installed permanently at a particular location. However, whether you intend to use your inverter generator in a car, RV, boat, or other types of transportation, it’s vital to take the overall size and weight of the inverter generator into consideration. Due to the advances in electrical technology, there are now powerful inverter generators that are sufficiently lightweight and small to be transported easily from one place to another.


Most people believe that the warranty terms of a product speak volume about the quality of the product, and even the confidence the manufacturers of the product have in it, and we think that belief is totally true.

Before buying an inverter generator, ensure it is backed by a very good warranty, except you have a few hundred bucks to shell out again on another inverter generator in a couple of months.


Extra Features

It’s also a great idea to check for extra features such as parallel-ready function, remote start, and eco-mode before buying an inverter generator. The parallel mode allows you to connect two inverter generators together to be able to squeeze more power out of them. While features like this are very useful, be ready to spend additional bucks on it.

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