6 Best Kohler Generators: In-Detail Reviews (Fall 2022)

Kohler generators: What you should know about them

All Kohler generators are tested for quality control at every step of the way so that the final product is one that you will treasure. The engineering teams hired by the company are required to conduct many performance tests even during the design process. KOHLER assures total reliability when it comes to their generators. They are powered by commercial-grade engines that have been built to withstand very high workloads. You will be able to use the generators for many years. Kohler generators are used to power public institutions such as hospitals, airports, and power plants, and that says a lot about their public image. The company is completing a century in the industry this year, but they keep up with all the latest technologies to make their generators more modern and user-friendly. The PowerBoost Technology enables Kohler generators to undertake large starting loads without affecting the power supply to other appliances.

Generator type: portable or standby?

Kohler allows you to choose between portable and standby generators. You must select the type that will work best for your particular needs.

Portable generators like the Kohler PRO7.5E are designed to meet the power requirements for job sites and camping trips. You can also use them for tailgating and similar mobile activities. They can be used to power appliances one at a time or simultaneously. However, you must be vigilant about not overloading the generator. They can run on natural gas, gasoline, or liquid propane.

On the other hand, standby home generators like the Kohler 12RESVL100 are perfect for backing up the power supply of the house. They are designed to be installed in connection with the main electrical system so they can automatically restore power in a matter of seconds. You will not even have to switch it on. There is no refueling required when it comes to standby generators. These generators can provide a large amount of power and can power critical hard-wired systems. The high-quality power delivered by Kohler standby generators will not cause any damage to your appliances.

How much power do you need?

When it comes to choosing a generator, the power output should take precedence over almost all other factors. You simply cannot invest your money in a generator that does not even meet your power needs. If you are planning to use your generator for heavy-duty purposes for long periods of time, then you must go for a model that offers 12Kw or more. These generators can be used to back up the power supply at your house and power multiple critically heavy appliances at the same time. On the other hand, if you know that you will only use the generator for recreational purposes, then you can settle for a model with lesser power output like the Kohler PRO2.8i. For standby models like Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS, you will not need to refuel.

How long you need to run your generator?

6 Best Kohler Generators – Reviews of the Top Models from the Brand (Fall 2022)

Standby generators such as the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS are designed in such a way that you will not have to refuel them constantly. Once the generator is in action, it will provide you with power until the electricity supply to your house is restored. However, portable generators are a different story because they come with a limited fuel tank capacity, which results in a limited runtime. You must have an idea of the duration of your usage so that you can choose a tank capacity accordingly. The Kohler PRO3.7E has a 3.4-gallon fuel tank and provides a run time of 9 hrs at 1/2 load, but the Kohler PRO2.8i has a smaller tank of 2.55 gallons and gives a run time of 6.7 hrs at rated load.

Safety features

Most KOHLER generators come with plenty of safety features so that users face no problems when using them. The low-oil shutoff feature ensures that the generator shuts down when there is a shortage of fuel and does not lay pressure on the engine. The overload prevention feature keeps the generator from causing accidents. When the machine detects too much load, it shuts down instead. The +/-1% voltage regulation in standby models like the Kohler 20RESCL-200SELS prevents unnecessary surges in the power so that your appliances remain undamaged. The power they provide has less than 5% harmonic distortion so that your sensitive appliances are protected. Portable models like the Kohler PRO7.5E have maintenance minders.

Tips and tricks

    • Make sure that you do not use the generator indoors for long periods to avoid toxic emissions.
    • Generators should always be kept in dry surroundings because moisture can corrupt the machine permanently.
    • Back-feeding a powerful generator can lead to accidents.
    • The filter must be checked at least twice a week and cleaned properly.
    • Refueling a generator when it is still hot is not a great idea and can also lead to unnecessary spillage.
    • If you are using a standby model, you must wire it into the electrical panel and fuel system of your house for an automatic response.
    • Always use high-quality, fresh fuel.

Kohler generator prices

Since Kohler offers different ranges when it comes to generators, it is only natural that they offer different prices.

Portable generators tend to come cheaper because they have a lower power output. However, if you want to carry the machine from place to place, then they are ideal for you. They are usually priced between $1500 and $2500. You can get the Kohler PRO7.5E for about $1600 and the KOHLER Pro 2.8i for approximately $1900.

Standby generators tend to be on the more expensive side, starting from $4000. You can get both the Kohler 20RESCL and Kohler 12RESVL100 for less than $5000.

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