9 Best Powermate Generators Reviewed in Detail (Fall 2022)

As an option, the Powermate 2000I Portable Inverter Generator makes a serious case for why you should buy it over the rest of the list. For one, it’s fairly compact, meaning you can carry it with you in the trunk of your car. It’s also possible to carry it with one hand when moving it from one place to another. Consequently, in addition to using it at home, you can easily carry it to a campsite when necessary.

It only needs 1.2 gallons of gasoline to fill the tank and uses the fuel quite economically. This is because it’s designed to provide only as much power as necessary. This means that if you only connect your laptop or smartphone, it could run for quite a long time. Ultimately, it can run for seven hours if you maintain the load at 50%. This extends to 11.5 hours on a 25% load.

As an inverter, it produces clean energy enabled by the automatic voltage regulation feature. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about plugging in your gadgets. The manufacturer even encourages that with the inclusion of a USB outlet. Other outlet types included are a 12V DC and 5-20R duplex 120V 20A outlets. Another advantage of being an inverter-type generator is the low noise output.

The engine is a relatively small 80cc option which means that output is capped at 2000 watts of surge power. Standard running wattage is 1600 watts, but if you’re only powering your gadgets and the lights, this should be enough.

What are our favorite features?

  • A roll cage protects sensitive components like engine and alternator
  • It produces clean energy
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Inclusion of a USB outlet

What could be better?

  • Power output is fairly limited
  • No electric start option
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