Honda vs Ryobi Generators Comparison (Spring 2022)

The Honda EU2200i and Ryobi RYI2300BTA sit in the popular 2,000-watt inverter generator class. They’re closely matched on power – both generators offer 1,800 watts of running power and the Ryobi edges out the Honda on surge power by just 100 watts.

Once again, the Ryobi generator has an edge when it comes to run time. In this case, it’s less a difference in the fuel efficiency of the four-stroke engines and more a result of the differences in fuel tank sizes. The Honda’s 0.95-gallon fuel tank gives it an eight-hour run time at a 25% load, while the Ryobi model’s 1.2-gallon fuel tank lets it run for 10 hours at the same power draw. It’s worth noting that neither of these run times are spectacular if you need to draw 1,000 watts or more for a full day of work.

Both generators offer a pair of 120-volt outlets for your general power needs. But, the Ryobi RYI2300BTA has a pair of USB outlets where the Honda EU2200i has a 12-volt DC outlet. More important, the Ryobi generator includes an LCD display so that you can monitor your power draw and remaining runtime. The Honda doesn’t have any display, which is something of a drawback for ease of use.

Along the same lines, the Ryobi generator has a remote electric start. It’s equipped with Bluetooth, allowing you to control the generator from your phone using Ryobi’s free GenControl app. The Honda generator, in contrast, only offers a traditional recoil starter.

The Ryobi generator is also far more portable. It’s a little bit heavier than the Honda model, but it comes with a pair of wheels built into the frame as well as a telescoping front handle. To move the Honda generator, you have to lift the 46-pound weight (more with fuel inside) by hand using the top handle.

So, the Ryobi generator seems much more modern than the Honda in many ways. But, once again, the Honda generator has a significant edge when it comes to noise production. The EU2200i produces a maximum of 57 dB of noise at full power. The Ryobi generator produces that amount of noise as soon as you turn it on, and gets 10 times louder at full power.

Given the differences in price, the Ryobi generator has an edge over the Honda for occasional generator users. But, if you want a genuine Honda engine and minimal noise, the Ryobi simply can’t stand up to the EU2200i.

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