Ryobi vs Predator Generator Comparison (Fall 2022)

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Ryobi and Predator generators are both popular because of their high performance and reasonable price points. Both generator brands are each other’s worthy contenders because they are renowned brands known the world over. This Ryobi vs. Predator generator comparison looks at what the brands offer by comparing two of their most popular models; RYOBI RYi4022X and Predator 3500.

Predator generators are a top preference for tradespeople and homeowners. They are both budget-friendly and ultra-quiet inverter generators suitable for various uses. On the other hand, Ryobi generators are loved for their powerful engines and affordability. Read on to find out which brand is worth investing in.

Brands Comparison

Here is a detailed comparison of Ryobi and Predator’s best-selling inverter generator models.

Quick Overview Table

RYOBI RYi4022X Predator 3500
Type inverter inverter
Peak Watts 4000 3500
Rated Watts 3400 3000
Engine 212cc 212cc
Fuel Tank Capacity 3.2 gal. 2.3 gal.
Runtime 12+ hrs @ 1/2 load 11 hrs @ 1/4 load
Outlets (4) 120V 20A & (1) 120V 30A TT-30R RV (2) 120VAC grounded, (1) 120VAC twist lock, (1) DC-12V two Pin
Start Type recoil recoil, electric
Dimensions 21.75 x 15.875 x 25 in. 22.75 x 17.3 x 20 in.
Weight 85 lbs. 102 lbs.
Warranty 3 years 2 years

RYOBI RYi4022X vs. Predator 3500: Overview

Both RYOBI RYi4022X and Predator 3500 are powerful and reliable inverter generators. Although they fall within the same range in terms of performance and affordability, they have a few differences that set them apart. One model may outperform the other in a particular area. Read on to see which model checks all your generator needs.

Power Output

The RYOBI RYi4022X is more powerful than the Predator 3500. It has 4000 peak watts and 3500 running watts compared to Predator’s 3500 peak watts and 3000 running watts. It can start more appliances and tools that require a power boost with its peak power as well as run more devices with its higher running power. If power is your main concern, the RYOBI RYi4022X should be your prime pick.

Fuel Type and Tank Capacity

The RYOBI RYi4022X has a larger fuel tank than the Predator 3500. This means you will need more fuel to run the generator. Both generators use gasoline.

Fuel Efficiency

The Predator 3500 is more fuel efficient than the RYOBI RYi4022X because it requires less fuel to run for an almost equally long period. It can run for 11 hours at 25% load, and the RYOBI RYi4022X can only run for 12 hours at 50% load. You will spend less money on fuel with the Predator 3500 than with the RYOBI RYi4022X.

Safety Features

Both generators have an automatic low-oil shutdown function. It will shut off the generator when the fuel tank runs empty to prevent a disaster or damage. They also have overload protection that senses when the appliances and tools plugged into them draw more watts than they can handle. The overload protection shuts off the generator to avoid any problems.

Control Panel and Outlets

LCD screen on the Predator 3500 makes it much more convenient to use

Both generators feature two 120V AC outlets. The Predator 3500 has a digital LCD screen with low oil, output, and overload indicators that make it more convenient to operate.

Ease of Use

The Predator 3500 is easier to use because it offers a hassle-free electric start and has an LCD that indicates when the fuel level is too low, the power output and if the generator is overloaded. The RYOBI RYi4022X only features a recoil start which is advertised as a 3-step easy start but cannot compare with the ease of an electric start.

Noise Level

The RYOBI RYi4022X is noisier than the Predator 3500. It has a noise level of 67dB, while the Predator 3500 has a noise level of 57dB. Both generators are not the quietest inverter generators out there, but their noise levels are safe. The 

National Institute of Health

Too Loud. Too Long. | Noisy Planet
The extent of noise-related damage to your hearing depends on three factors: decibel level, distance, and time. Learn how loud noises can put children’s hearing at risk over time. 


considers any noise below 70dB to be safe, although it can be irritating for longer periods. 57dB is like the noise from a normal conversation, and 67dB is like the noise from a vacuum cleaner or a hair dryer.


The RYOBI RYi4022X is more portable than the Predator 3500. It weighs less and has flat-free wheels and a quick-release handle for easy transportation. The Predator 3500 also comes with integrated smooth-rolling casters for easy transportation, but it is relatively heavier.

Durability and Warranty

The RYOBI RYi4022X has a longer warranty backing than the Predator 3500. Both generators offer the same ruggedness in their build quality, but a longer warranty is easier to trust when it comes to build quality. If durability is your main concern, the RYOBI RYi4022X would be your best bet.


The RYOBI RYi4022X is pricier than the Predator 3500. The $200 price difference between the two generators is worth it if you want a powerful yet easily portable generator. Plus, it comes with a longer warranty cover. The Predator 3500 offers excellent value for money if you wish to an averagely powerful yet quiet inverter generator. Plus, it is easier to operate, thanks to its hassle-free electric start.


The generators have a slight difference in dimensions. The Predator 3500 is slightly bigger than the RYOBI RYi4022X, but they would occupy the same storage space.

Final Thoughts

You cannot go wrong with a Ryobi or Predator inverter generator. Both generator brands are pretty recent but have built a name for themselves with high-performing models that are reasonably priced. Ryobi generators stand out for packing a lot of power in their ruggedly built bodies at reasonable price points. Predator generators are popular because of their durable, quiet, and easy to operate units that offer excellent value for money.

From our Ryobi vs. Predator generators comparison review, it is evident that Ryobi generators are the way to go if you want high power at an affordable price, and Predator generators are the way to go if you want quiet units with top value for money. The RYOBI RYi4022X is more portable than the Predator 3500 but a tad noisier.



Too Loud. Too Long. | Noisy Planet

The extent of noise-related damage to your hearing depends on three factors: decibel level, distance, and time. Learn how loud noises can put children’s hearing at risk over time. 

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